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The 3rd Temple

09/16/02 (7th month 10th day of the month)             

Updated 02/19/6989 [5767] 2nd day of the week (05/07/07)

Updated 08/27/6990 [5769] 5th day of the week (11/27/08)

It is becoming evident to me what is going to happen in Yerusalem. The third temple that will be built, will be built with man’s hands (Jeremiah 7:4). In order for the temple to function properly there must be a high priest (Leviticus 16). The vision of the temple in Zechariah, Ezekiel and Revelation go between the physical temple built with mans hand and eventually the Temple that will be built by Yahveh through Yahshua the Mashiyach (Zech. 6:12-13).

This third temple built with mans hands will be destroyed like the two previous temples (Matthew 24: 1-2). Yahveh will not have anybody else as high priest but Yahshua Mashiyach. Yahshua is at Yahveh’s Right Hand (Psalms 80:17). By The House of Yahudah setting up another high priest in place of Yahshua they continually show their rejection of their Melek (Psalms 2:6), Savior (Psalms 106:47), sacrificial lamb (Genesis 22:8; John 1:29) and High Priest (Psalms 110:4; Hebrews 4:14; Heb. 7). The two witnesses will be witnessing against them in Yerusalem because of this continued rejection and lack of emun in the Rabbi Yahshua Mashiyach (Revelation 11).

You must understand what causes the 1st through 4th seals and trumpets to be opened and blown in their order. It is because of the temple being built, and setting up of a high priest and the animal sacrifices that will go on (Jeremiah 6:20; 7:22). When the temple is built (Jeremiah 7:4), whether it is when the temple begins to be built or when the sacrifices begin it is not clear to me right now, the 1st seal will be opened, which will cause the 1st trumpet to be blown. Than all the other seals and trumpets will follow in order. I have to believe it will be when the high priest is set up offering sacrifices is when the 1st seal is opened, which sounds the 1st trumpet.

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The Temple that Yahshua builds will not happen until He returns (1st Resurrection). This Temple will last until the Great White Throne judgment is completed (2nd resurrection). After this the earth will turn into a ball of fire and a new heaven and new earth will be made. The Eternal TEMPLE will descend from heaven (Revelation chapters 20-22).

From New Concise Bible Dictionary published 1989:

“The second temple. This was built by the exiles who returned to Jerusalem bringing quantities of the looted implements with them (Ezr.1;3:ff.). It was smaller than Solomon’s, but few details have been preserved. The ark of the covenant had disappeared and was never replaced, and only a single 7-brached lamp stood in the holy place (cf. 1 Macc. 1:21ff.; 4:49ff.). The Maccabees cleansed the temple in 164 BC after it had been desecrated by Antiochus Epiphanes, and fortified the enclosure so well that it resisted Pompey’s siege for 3 months in 63 BC. This temple lasted for 500 years.

Herod’s temple. This was a major redevelopment of the second temple, begun in 19BC; the main structure was completed in 10 years but work continued until AD 64. An area 450m N – S and 300 m E – W was leveled and enclosed by a wall built from massive blocks 1 m high and 5 m long (cf. Mk. 13:1), parts of which still stand today. At the SE corner overlooking the Kidron ravine, the inner courtyard was 45 m above the rock, perhaps the site of the ‘pinnacle’ (Mat. 4:5). At the NW corner the fortress of Antonia dominated the enclosure; it housed a Roman garrison. The outer court had a portico inside the walls (Jn. 10:23; Acts 3:11), where scribes held their schools and debates (Lk. 2:46; 19:47) and money-changers had their stalls (Lk. 19:45f). Notices in Greek and Latin warned that no responsibility could be taken for the death of any Gentile who ventured beyond this outer court.

The next court (Women’s Court) contained the chests for gifts (Mk. 12:41ff.). Then, a little higher, was the Court of Israel, where Jewish men could go; they could also go into the Priest’s Court at the Feast of Tabernacles to walk round the altar. The enclosed shrine followed Solomon’s pattern, a curtain dividing the holy of holies from the holy place (cf. Mk. 15:38). The magnificent cream stone and gold building was barely finished before it was destroyed by the Romans in AD 70, and its treasures carried in a triumphal procession to Rome as depicted on the Arch of Titus…”

Traditional historians mark the time of the dedication of the 2nd temple at the time of the Maccabees to be around 164 BCE, I have placed it to be around 106 BCE/4876 FCA.

Quote from Maccabees 1 chapter 4 verses 36, 52 and 59:

1 Maccabees 4:36: Judas and his brothers then said, "Now that our enemies have been defeated, let us go up to purify the sanctuary and dedicate it."

 52. On the twenty-fifth of the ninth month, Chislev, in the year 148 they rose at dawn.

1 Maccabees 4: 59: Judas, with his brothers and the whole assembly of Israel, made it a law that the days of the dedication of the altar should be celebrated yearly at the proper season, for eight days beginning on the twenty-fifth of the month of Chislev, with rejoicing and gladness.

Chanukah is a man made tradition and not a commanded Sabbath or convocation.  

The book of Maccabees correlates its time with the establishment of the city of Antioch, which traditional historians place around 312 BCE. I have placed it closer to 267 BCE/4715 FCA.

From Josephus Book of Wars chapter 1:

4. Now Judas, supposing that Antiochus would not lie still, gathered an army out of his own countrymen, and was the first that made a league of friendship with the Romans, and drove Epiphanes out of the country when he had made a second expedition into it, and this by giving him a great defeat there; and when he was warmed by this great success, he made an assault upon the garrison that was in the city, for it had not been cut off hitherto; so he ejected them out of the upper city, and drove the soldiers into the lower, which part of the city was called the Citadel. He then got the temple under his power, and cleansed the whole place, and walled it round about, and made new vessels for sacred ministrations, and brought them into the temple, because the former vessels had been profaned. He also built another altar, and began to offer the sacrifices; and when the city had already received its sacred constitution again, Antiochus died; whose son Antiochus succeeded him in the kingdom, and in his hatred to the Jews also.


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